Arrays and Custom Props

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Feb 13 19:42:57 EST 2009

Bob Sneidar wrote:

> WHOA THERE TONTO! I thought the whole idea to properties was  
> persistence?? That means that I cannot save, for instance, the  
> database settings a user entered? I have to create an external file  
> for all of that? And so many card and object properties in my app  
> DEPEND on persistence through runtime. This means that I have to put a  
> kabosh on the whole project!

You're no worse off than any other application developer:  Windows and 
Linux have never allowed applications to modify themselves at runtime, 
and even Mac OS only allowed this back when it still put executable code 
in the resource fork (though under OS X any app can store files in the 

This article at revJournal may be helpful:

Saving data in Revolution standalones
by Sarah Reichelt

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