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Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 04:24:33 EST 2009

Hi Jim
I seem to remember some years ago that one of the updates to Rev was that
stacks would become indexable by Spotlight.  Maybe that only related to the
script of the stack rather than the stack's contents.

I don't use Spotlight much at all, but having a look around there seems to
be the mdimport tool.  The Man page for this says it has these options:

     -f          Force mdimport to scan the files, bypassing path filtering

     -r          Ask the server to reimport files for UTIs claimed by the
                 listed plugin.  For example, the following would cause all
                 the chat files on the system to be reimported:

                       mdimport -r /System/Library/Spotlight/Chat.mdimporter

That looks like one can manually add files to the Spotlight index.  However,
it looks like one might need a specific plugin like 'Chat.mdimporter'.
 These are OS X bundles that contain an executable in their core.  The one I
looked at (vCard.mdimporter) appears to be written in Obj C.

However, it looks to me like the plugin needs to meet the specifications set
out in this document:

The plugin bundle core needs to be executable. Maybe one could write a Rev
application and bundle it up and the indexing program would call it?  For
example, it appears here that someone wrote a specific importer in Python:
http://www.jajsoft.com/category/python .

I expect you know this much already.


On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 8:19 PM, Jim Ault <JimAultWins at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Is there a way of allowing/forcing the indexing of a stack containing
> field data?
> custom properties?
> This would make the content searchable using the built-in OSX Spotlight
> option ŒContents¹
> Indexing occurs for programs that are ŒSpotlight-friendly¹, such as Adobe
> PDF¹s
> Of course, setting the Spotlight comments of the stack file would work, but
> is very limited compared to a stack that contains data such as code,
> project
> notes, and demo stacks with notes, such as So Smart Tutorials.
> Jim Ault
> Las Vegas
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