Rev DB errors

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Mon Feb 9 21:34:26 EST 2009

>> I found that the result returned by a faulty
>> call to revExecuteSQL, did NOT include either "revdberr" or "syntax
>> error", but just a text description of the error.
> This appears to along the same lines as Shao Sean's post "issues with rev
> comparing a returned string" 30 Jan, where he wrote the following script was
> not giving the expected results:
> put revDataFromQuery(TAB, LF, tConnID, tSQL) into tColumnInfo
> if (tColumnInfo contains "revdberr") then
>  put tColumnInfo
> end if
> Your current experience would suggest that in certain circumstances errors
> do not post "revdberr" to the result so the 'then' structure is never
> entered.
> This will certainly make error trapping far more laborious :-(

I THINK that revDataFromQuery will still return revdberr, but
revExecuteSQL does not. For that, you have to check for a number.
Anything other than a nmber will indicate an error.


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