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This company mentions apple drivers and Runtime Rev. They make USB I/O Boxes
 -- and even some stuff that works with fischertechnik kits.They've been
around for a while.

The CD-ROM contains the Service-USB driver for Macintosh MacOS X, QuickTime
> films and screen shots as well as extensive software for AppleScript,
> Runtime Revolution, RealBasic, Xcode, FileMaker, 4th Dimension, Macromedia
> Director MX, Java, Scratch, Ragtime and original programs for various
> fischertechnik(R) construction kits.
> The Service USB Driver is universal binary and supports both Power PC- and
> Intel-based Macintosh computers.

2009/2/3 dunbarx <dunbarx at>

> Judy.
> Makes you one of the oldsters, you know.
> The serial gadget was by someone else.  I can check when I get to my
> office.  Beehive was the ADB guys
> All three developers are out of the business.  There should be someone
> willing to take up the calling with Rev and USB, though. Someone smart and
> young. Free consulting to anyone who cares to. All you need is a PIC
> (programmable integrated circuit, $5) and the nerve.
> Craig
> On Feb 4, 2009, at 12:32:54 AM, "Judy Perry" <katheryn.swynford at>
> wrote:
> Dunbar,
> That is soooo awesome!
> So, does the serial adapter thingy still exist as far as you know? Was it
> Beehive?
> Judy
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