Subject: Drawing a curved shape - 2nd attempt

Judy Perry katheryn.swynford at
Mon Feb 2 23:03:57 EST 2009

Ask the active people on the list who they might consider to be a
troll/person with a big mouth/etc., and MY NAME will ALMOST CERTAINLY come


OTOH, when I have a problem/question, many of these same people will drop
what they are doing to answer an honest request for assistance.

For instance, every time the issue of how to play multiple simultaneous
sounds comes up, you WILL find me lamenting the lack of HC's sound channels
in Rev.  Guaranteed. I believe that it is a much better solution than using
player objects.

But I respect that Richard Gaskin likes player objects.  It's almost an old
married person's discussion by now:  somebody asks, I complain about lack of
sound channels, Richard points out you can use player objects...

So, what's the difference?  Neither one of us particularly feels the need to
call the other names.  I am (I hope!) on reasonably good terms with both
Richard AND Andrew.  I am happy about the fact that we can respect one
another and yet disagree without necessarily wanting/needing the same things
OR resorting to name-calling.  I remember once when Andrew wasn't very happy
with a priority given to graphics handling that had Scott Rossi and I both
doing the Snoopy Dance.  So it is.

There are things I wish Rev would handle differently.  OTOH, I can also tell
you that the company has been most reasonable to deal with me personally as
well as with the varyingly weird and always differing needs of my students.
 They've a most generous education package.  When educators have noted price
concerns, etc., I feel the company has listened.

It can't listen all the time to all its users.  You want web deployment; me,
not so much.  That's okay, isn't it?  I'd love real bezier curves... but its
not being there isn't a deal-killer.

I cannot begin to fathom people who are "afraid" on this list.  This is one
of the nicest and most helpful groups of people you will find online.


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