Subject: Drawing a curved shape - 2nd attempt

Brian Yennie briany at
Mon Feb 2 21:41:07 EST 2009


This is one of the most accepting, helpful lists I've ever been on  
(and I've been on many). If anyone other than Randall really feels  
silenced, I would love for them to speak up. I hope you will accept my  
invitation to get back to the features you'd like to discuss. I for  
one would still be interesting in discussing them if we can wrap up  
the insults. I wonder if you will consider a slightly different  
approach or assume oppression and react accordingly.

> I made humble suggestions.  For things like curved graphics and web  
> integration.  Two things that are hardly radical in 2009!.  Then the  
> Skinarian conditioning begins.  Again, i have just concluded a phone  
> call with another person who said they have long ago learned to be  
> scared and quiet on these lists.  Beat up and raged, well  
> conditioned but no less convinced.  But the pain seems to have  
> worked.  Silent.  As ordered.  If you think pointing out the holes  
> in the hull is critical to the ship than you had better know how to  
> swim.

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