Subject: Drawing a curved shape - 2nd attempt

Brian Yennie briany at
Mon Feb 2 19:54:20 EST 2009

> Ok, why then is asking for code addressable and rev native curves  
> responded to as a threatening request?

It wasn't.

I've re-read the thread about 3 times just to make sure I didn't miss  
anything. Richard suggested Flex as an alternative. Scott gave some  
thoughtful input including his own frustrations on Rev's graphic  
capabilities versus thankfulness for good PNG support. I've chimed in  
multiple times when you've gone out and started insulting people.  
Several people have agreed with you that a native curve object is an  
excellent request.

You on the other hand went off the handle calling people attack dogs,  
pompous and Putin-like. Mixed in, you constantly belittle Revolution  
itself. Do you know the difference between constructive criticism and  
outright condescension?

Here's my suggestion. Try making some humble suggestions instead of  
pushing your grandiose vision on everyone. Because you don't seem to  
be able to do it without being offensive. You lament how Rev is  
"limping into the present" and "poorly champions" the vision of  
Hypercard's creators. You once asked where the "xtalked web functions"  
are... and yet many of us are shipping web-enabled products right now  
based on the literally dozens of powerful extensions Rev has brought  
to xTalk in this area. You stomp all over the idea of sockets being an  
acceptable xTalk layer, and yet I ask you... have you tried using  
sockets in other language? The power of simply bringing chunk  
expressions and xTalk syntax is enormous. And yet you dismiss  
something out-of-hand that you clearly know nothing about. That's not  
the way to get people to buy into your vision.

You are absolutely free to "burn the flag" and still love your  
country, as the analogy goes. But if you're gonna burn a flag among a  
bunch of war veterans, you better have some tact in how you go about  
it. And don't go ranting about peace and love to them if you can't be  
bothered to learn about the wars they fought in.

I for one welcome EVERYONE to share their vision for Rev. Just have a  
little humility and patience when you do it. Some people will agree  
with you, some will disagree. Some will offer alternative solutions.  
In the end, it will surely enrich the topic. I would quite like to  
actually discuss some of these features.

How about this. Clearly the two of us specifically clash, and I don't  
think we're going to suddenly agree. However, I for one would welcome  
a specific wish list of new graphic capabilities including a curve  
object. Perhaps one at a time, you could suggest some and we all could  
start discussing them, since everyone is probably sick of reading us  
"fight" =).

- Brian

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