Rev IDE vs MetaCard IDE

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Dec 14 14:57:01 EST 2009

Hugh Senior wrote:
> stephen barncard wrote:
>> It's also prettier than the MC IDE.
> Jacqueline Landman Gay
>> Anything is prettier than the MC IDE. The bottom of my parrot cage is
>> prettier than the MC IDE. ;)
> I use MC. After 10 years I'm kinda used to it. Pretty?  I have been known to
> decorate the IDE with images of bikini-clad models, Bentleys, fine wine and
> Belgian chocolates. The first keeps me young, the Bentley is an outstanding
> ambition, the wine is an old friend, and the chocolates remind me of a
> weekend once long, long ago with a rather nice young lady who... [censored
> by wife].
> So what would YOU choose and WHY?

LOL! I think I'd put the top part of my parrot cage on it, the part with 
the birds. :) To be honest though, MC's utility outweighs its appearance 
which I've learned to ignore. I keep telling myself that one of these 
days I'll just set the default text size and font to match Rev's so that 
I don't have to ignore the button text spacing any more -- but I never 
get around to it. I'm too used to how it looks.

At least you aren't putting any cheese on there...oops. Now I'll get 

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