OT OS X HD Partitioning, multiple OSs

Colin Holgate coiin at verizon.net
Sat Dec 5 10:23:17 EST 2009

On Dec 5, 2009, at 9:51 AM, Bill Marriott wrote:

> Parallels is decidedly faster than VMware (verified personally and by a few in-depth reviews out there). It offers the Aero interface from within the Mac (pretty), and a new presentation option I like called Crystal

I own both, and switched to Fusion a while ago because I had given up hope of Parallels ever being fast enough. But then I was using Vista under Parallels, so that's probably not the most ideal test, XP would probably work better. With Fusion I'm using 32 bit Windows 7.

Fusion does support Aero now, and also has the menu bar icon that gives the Crystal like features.

I am tempted though to buy the Parallels 5 upgrade, to see if they've gained some speed back with their Windows 7 support, but I'm not sure where my Parallels 4 serial number is! Also, there would be the whole conversion of the VMWare files back to Parallels to cope with, and you have to re-authenticate Windows 7 with Microsoft (the system thinks you've changed the processor in your machine, which is a bit like copying the system to another PC, and that's not allowed). If it could all be a bit easier, I would happily have both programs installed, and then use whichever one was best for a given task.

The main advantage of Fusion and Parallels over Boot Camp is that you can carry on running your Mac apps, and can be dragging data directly between Mac OS and Windows, or directly opening a Mac document in a Windows application, while running Mac OS.

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