[OT] Who still uses a Mac PPC?

Dom mcdomi at free.fr
Thu Aug 27 08:08:56 EDT 2009

George C Brackett <gbrackett at luceatlux.com> wrote:

> Correct.  But the URL I provided gives you a complete installation,  
> including PPC ROM.  You just install the package, run the app, and  
> voila: OS 9 boots into a  window.

as another people said to you, maybe there is a copyright trouble ;-)

nonetheless, a number of people said that SheepShaver runs OK on their
Intel machine...

I never succeeded in making it to run on my iMac G5 (10.5.7) ;-<
however I have several ROM files, none ot them is recognized!

Mac OS ROM Update 1.0.smi
macosrom 2001-07 (921)
macosrom 1999-04 (86)
macosrom 2003-04
macosrom 1999-05 (update)

(I renamed these files, in order to differentiate them)


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