Datagrid SelectionChanged issues

David Bovill david at
Wed Aug 26 16:25:12 EDT 2009

>From the docs

on selectionChanged pHilitedIndex, pPrevHilitedIndex
>     put the dgDataOfIndex [ pHilitedIndex ] of me into theSelDataA
>     uiViewRecordOfID theSelDataA["id"]
> end selectionChanged

The script in the behavior of the datagrid is:

> private command _SelectionChanged pPreviouslyHilitedIndexes
>     dispatch "selectionChanged" with sHilitedIndexes,
> pPreviouslyHilitedIndexes
> end _SelectionChanged

And I am having problems with old / new values when setting the dgHilite of
the dgControl from a card script, where pHilitedIndex is empty and "the
dgHilitedLine of the dgControl" is the pPrevHilitedIndex. Ho can I get
the value
for pHilitedIndex given a change of the selection initiated by "setting the

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