Syllabic division of words

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The world hasn't had a means of gain on productivity for over 14 years.  Principally because of the ridiculous shortsighted way ROI is cast.

Xtalk has not maintained currency with changing markets and tech.

Suggestions and ideas do not need to be attacked in this way.  Either there is no moderation of this list or the moderator supports this type of bullying behavior.

Most of what is on this list is not pertinent to me...  I just ignore it and move on...  I can't imagine what would motivate someone to attack. 

And I am being cast as the problem?

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Randall Reetz wrote:

 > I am intimately and directly involved on a daily and hourly
 > actual productive labor towards these goals.
 > Having access to an anthology that associates words into these
 > overlapping chains of specificity is a fantastically rich
 > resource for the automated derivation of meaning (semantic
 > processing).  Creating such a beast, at the user level is
 > prohibitive to all but the most driven (insane) amongst us.
 > Doing it once at the tool level so that all can profit... That
 > is a reasonable goal.

Sounds reasonable enough.  What would you like to see done with that?

This is a user-to-user support list, so the folks here can help point 
the way to scripted solutions and even object-code externals but cannot 
modify the engine to add these sorts of features.

You're encouraged to submit this request to the one place dedicated to 
review by the development team:


There's plenty of space there to include not only technical descriptions 
and links to current APIs which might assist this, but if the business 
case is as strong as you feel it is that can be included too.  A strong 
business case can weigh heavily in favor of a feature request.

This and previous discussions like it have been far more complicated 
than they need to be:

If you want to see a feature, sure, let's discuss it here to see if 
others need it or have found a solution for it already. Then submit it 
to the request queue and see how many votes it gets.  Done.

If you're requesting something that's fairly specialized, don't be 
surprised if others find it too exotic for their needs.  If they say so, 
it isn't necessarily "provincial" or "sad" or other terms any reasonable 
person would find insulting; it may just be simple ROI.

I'm confident that as a consultant for successful businesses you 
appreciate the necessity of putting ROI above all other considerations.

And with your extensive experience and connections you're no doubt in a 
position to prove the nay-sayers wrong, not by arguing with people who 
have no control over the engine, but by delivering a commercial external 
to this market you feel is strong enough to support it profitably.

When this external makes you heaps of money, you'll be laughing all the 
way to the bank while the naysayers will be left only with regrets.

Show us how it's done.  Demonstrate the ROI.

If reasonably priced I'd buy a license from you.

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