Syllabic division of words

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I wrote ONE post talking to the need for modern text analysis tools.  Then the arrows started to fly.  Each of my posts since have been in response to requests for clarification or to ask why people need to attack ideas with such mean spirited force.  Please be fair.


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Hi from Brittany,

Randall, you have been flogging a dead horse for
several days now. Revolution doesn't do something
you want it to do. You have made your point, and
so have others. There are many requests for Rev
improvement, correction, and inception of new
functions. I'm sure that you have been heard
(albeit a little bit too much). I doubt if your
request has a high priority, but it is your right
to request it. So now, you can sit back ........

Will you please stop filling the forum with complaints
about what Revolution doesn't do ? It doesn't exist
JUST for you, and you have no right to demand such. If you
don't like it, buy another piece of software (although I
doubt you will find such far-reaching functions as Revolution

And as somebody well respected on the forum suggested :
If you haven't got what you want - write it yourself !

Can we please move on to other more interesting topics ?

Best Regards


"Nothing should ever be done for the first time !"

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