Syllabic division of words

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This really isn't an end in and of itself.  It is often meaningful to be able to derive root origins of words and this can be done faster if you can devise at syllables.  But parts of speech chunking is a more fruitful means of deriving meaning from text.  If one can't take the time to build a full parser, doing word order and neighbor proximity networks works if you have a large corpus to pre-populate your ontology.  I did word counting and found a range of words by percentage of length of text that were more likely to be the subject and objects of the text of focus.  Like image analysis, it is nice if you can reduce the size of your document before analysis.  What to throw out ends up being your most important question.  These are means of cheating.  This is how nature works.  I am not interested in perfection, just salience.  It is a numbers game.  If you only have one chunk of text, accuracy matters, but if you have a rich and continuous sorce, you can afford to be wrong once and a while. 

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alejandro wrote:
> Returning to the topic of this thread:
> Download the stack separacion_de_silabas.rev, from:
> This stak is an example of how to divide in syllabes without
> applying every one of the gramatical rules... :-O
> On your browser, visit:
> This revlet ask for permission to write to your disk
> and access the network, but in fact it only set
> the clipboard content and launch a webpage...
> Please, report to my email, all incorrect examples of
> syllabication that you encounter. ;-)

Nicely done.  The downloadable stack, that is.  The RevLet through an 
error ("There was an error loading the revlet - failed to read revlet 

But the download - nice job, esp. in choosing the appropriate consonants 
to split on.

I always enjoy your stuff.  Thanks for posting that.

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