Syllabic division of words

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Aug 22 02:40:50 EDT 2009

alejandro wrote:
> Returning to the topic of this thread:
> Download the stack separacion_de_silabas.rev, from:
> This stak is an example of how to divide in syllabes without
> applying every one of the gramatical rules... :-O
> On your browser, visit:
> This revlet ask for permission to write to your disk
> and access the network, but in fact it only set
> the clipboard content and launch a webpage...
> Please, report to my email, all incorrect examples of
> syllabication that you encounter. ;-)

Nicely done.  The downloadable stack, that is.  The RevLet through an 
error ("There was an error loading the revlet - failed to read revlet 

But the download - nice job, esp. in choosing the appropriate consonants 
to split on.

I always enjoy your stuff.  Thanks for posting that.

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