Syllabic division of words

capellan capellan2000 at
Thu Aug 20 20:37:26 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Actually, i have found an online syllabic divisor:
that could be useful to compare the output
of this script.

In other webpage, there is a list of 4212 valid syllabes:

My first test script divided wrong most of the words,
but recent iterations produce more than 85%
correct syllabic division. Eventually, as time permits,
the script will grow more accurate. Then, it will be
ready to show in stack or revlet form.

i noticed the discussion about english language, but
remember that this script will parse spanish text.

Natural language processing is one of the topics of investigation
for Artificial inteligence researchers. i hope to see, someday,
a complete implementation of the chatbot ALICE made in revTalk,
available to run with RevCGI engine.

Many thanks to everyone that help with their ideas.
Have a nice weekend!

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