Firefox works for revlet but not IE?

Sadhu Nadesan sadhu at
Thu Aug 20 14:48:08 EDT 2009

Yo Sparkout,

Many thanks for referring me to the forum!  Alas, this solution did not 
work for me.

1) Environment is Windows XP Pro.  IT does not support Vista (at least yet)
2) No UAC (user access control) that is Vista only so I didn't have to 
do that, or do I?
3) I ran the installer as administrator, using the right click method 
and entering the password

Nope.  IE still wants to download the plug in every time I try to access 
the test page with the revlet.

Darn!  But thank you again.

I was using IE 7, I am going to upgrade to IE 8 and try again.

A solution posted on the forum by paul_gr
worked for me.

Turn off UAC temporarily, right click the installer executable and choose
"run as administrator".
Turn UAC back on (if you want) and it should hopefully work - I had success
following that procedure.

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