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Sun Aug 16 17:10:11 EDT 2009

SparkOut wrote:
> Nicolas Cueto-4 wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I've made a series of irev and php pages/urls to be accessed by
>> Japanese cell-phones.
>> My question is:
>> Within an irev script (not the HTML code), is there a rev way to
>> redirect to a new url?
>> I tried "launch url". No go. And tried the meta-tag "REFRESH" outside
>> the <?rev ?> script, which works on PCs but not with Japanese
>> cell-phones.
>> Thank you.
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>> Nicolas Cueto
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> In the on-Rev forum there's a thread which refers to this issue
> So far I've found that as long as you make sure this is the first output
> (no other headers or content for that page will work) then this will
> redirect (based on the on-Rev platform, since it's hosted on Apache
> servers) with an automatic "status: 302 Found" response:
> put header "Location:" && theLocation & lf
Note also that the rest of the irev page will still be parsed before the
redirect, so you may want to:

put header "Location:" && theLocation & lf
exit to top

to stop the rest of the page being parsed (irrelevantly) and just hop
straight to the destination page.
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