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Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Thu Aug 13 14:43:52 EDT 2009

Well, I 'googled' revTalk, and apart from the chap
with the snow-mobile  :)

I got lots of "English-like programming language". . .

Which, while, possibly, attracting some people,

WILL drive away quite a few more.

Facetious section following.

RichmondTalk; the new English-like programming language.

Examples code in RichmondTalk  ('RTalk' for REAL programmers):

Get me my coffee!

Please, put sugar in my coffee.

This tastes like muck.

Serious point approaching.

My 'RichmondTalk', apart from antagonising my wife,
would not do much good anywhere. However, it is

Now we all know that some programming languages look like
goddledygook except to the initiated . . .

However, the language used in Runtime Revolution (writes he, delicately
sidestepping the controversy) is nothing like 'RichmondTalk', and
nothing like Zilog.

First of all; in computer programming languages everything
must be explicitly stated, while in human languages so much
is implicit, or is encoded in non-verbal ways.

IFF, Runtime Revolution want to carry on appealing to the
Saturday-afternoon hobbyist crowd then 'English-like' might
be OK.

BUT, I wonder (apart from the Las Vegas Drive-In Wedding Chapel)
how many people who are prepared to pay £125 are Saturday-afternoon

While I DON'T think revTalk sounds like kiddy-time (although it does
sound a bit like the Synod of the Church of Scotland), I do think
that the continued emphasis on 'English-like' maybe a mistake . . .

especially as so much of the more recherche revTalk scripts look
nothing like English. . .  :)

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