cookbook for putting Rev app on the web?

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Wed Aug 5 20:09:57 EDT 2009

> Is there a simple cookbook list somewhere of how to convert a stand alone
> application to a web application?  Something like
> 1) recompile using these settings
> 2) put this code on your web page
> 3) put your executable here on the server
> 4) you are done

1. Go to Standalone settings -> Web and check "Build for Web" and
accept the default settings.
2. Build the standalone. This creates a folder containing a revlet and
an html file. It also opens the html file in your default browser for
3. Edit the html file to suit or copy & paste the relevant parts into
your own html. There are 2 vital sections: one detects the plugin and
the other displays your revlet. These are marked by comments in the
test.html page, so you can easily see what sections you need.
4. Upload both the html file and the revlet file to the same folder on
your web site.
5. All done :-)


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