Not clear about revMedia vs revEnterprise

David Bovill david.bovill at
Sun Aug 2 05:20:26 EDT 2009

It's the browser that will do the https for the plugin - the plugin will
just need to pass any additional security requirements which AFAIK there
aren't any as https is basically and encrypted wrapper around a normal http
stream. My guess on this would be that there will be no major issues with
secure https issues and the plugin - it should just work?

2009/8/1 Bernard Devlin <bdrunrev at>

> During the webinar concerning Rev 4 I asked an unanswered question
> about SSL and the new rev plugin.  We were told these questions would
> make their way into a FAQ, but I haven't seen any further reference to
> these FAQs.  So what I'm saying here is just my deductions.
> On the belief that revMedia is being made free because it is this that
> is the basis for the browser plugin, I really don't see how any rev
> code running inside the plugin could access a URL using https (since
> SSL is an enterprise-only feature).
> So, it looks like one cannot expect an application built with
> Enterprise to necessarily work inside the plugin.

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