Command-line screen recorder for Mac and PC?

David Bovill david.bovill at
Sun Aug 2 05:14:33 EDT 2009

Practical? Yes. Acceptable - maybe not? That is a 17MB download is in the
days of Word-of-Warcraft Patches is nothing, and you "could" go to the
trouble of embedding the app and installing it from Rev. Given the regular
updates, ease of install, and general usefulness of VLC - it is really
better just to get the user to install it themselves with a provided link
from your app. Support issues are reduced that way.

Acceptable? Well it's not really "expected" - particularly if you charge for
the app - to make your app so "visibly" dependent on another app in this
way. So with regard to your customers, you have more of a marketing problem
than a practical one.

AFAIK - VLC on OSX is entirely contained in the bundle, The same may be true
for windows (the Linux version most probably places one or more executable
in the relevant bin directory). Generally it is a very clean install, but as
I haven't gone down the route of embedding it myself I'd have to say I don't
really know. There are no cleanly seperable command line components - it's
all part of the same thing. It is for these reasons bundling Mplayer, or
FFMPEG with your app is often preferred to using VLC. But it's only VLC that
you get everything with (including live streaming and screencasting) - for
which you pay the 17mb download price.

2009/8/1 Richard Miller <wow at>

> But is it practical to have the core VLC application (and associated files,
> whatever they may be) installed on the users computer, along with a Rev app?
> The VLC download is 17 MB, but perhaps that includes many files not needed
> to actually run the commands in command-line mode.

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