When they ask, what is this written in?

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at cox.net
Sun Nov 30 19:40:16 EST 2008

Paul, Chipp, Jim, others:

Do I think we REALLY want our clients to know "how easy" Rev is in  
comparison with other development environments. Doing so raises their  
expectations much to much, whereas we're always optimistic at the  
outset and need the extra time we've saved to smooth out the problems  
that are pretty inevitable in ever endeavor. IMHO, let our performance  
speak for itself and explain as little as necessary to get the work.

I don't feel this is being deceptive; just pragmatic. But, they're not  
stupid either, so chose a name for the language that can't be  
informationally googled by anyone. I'd go for RR+++. It's not there or  
anywhere, but could be explained if the need ever REALLY arose. Note  
the third plus sign!

Joe Wilkins

On Nov 30, 2008, at 4:27 PM, Paul Looney wrote:

> Well put, Chipp.
> Or, looking at the same thing a bit differently:
> "Rev" is more than "RevCode".
> You can build an application's interface, go through several  
> "versions" with the client/customer - and never write a single line  
> of code until you and the client/customer are in agreement on most  
> of the details of the product/project.
> Rev is a "development environment".
> At this point it is hard for me to think of prototyping a product in  
> any traditional "language".
> And, once it is prototyped in Rev, what not just finish it in Rev?
> Yet, this is hard to convey to a client/customer. And I believe that  
> was Jim's original question. I'm not sure this ease of use, time- 
> savings, and enhanced customer/client communication can be explained.
> Paul Looney

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