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'LineUp'? 'Easy Flow'? 'Flow Lines'? 'Flowless'? (As in 'flawless'...)



On 20 Nov 2008, at 20:00, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Hello,
> The Flow Char Software Project is a great example of what one may  
> accomplish with Revolution. This programme lets you build a diagram  
> from ready-made components. Create pictures of management  
> hierarchies, production processes, programming code, personal  
> relationships, and so on. Just click on a button to create a shape,  
> drag the shape to the right place and connect it to other shapes to  
> compose a flow chart.
> More info is available at < 
> index.php>. Special code for readers of this list only: DSCRR  
> (valid until 31 December).
> Having that said, I have two questions. First of all, does anyone  
> know a great name for this programme? I have been thinking about a  
> name since the start of the project, but still have no inspiration.  
> Any ideas?
> The seconds question considers Apple's logos. I have been searching  
> for a good modern Mac OS X logo. Apple has logo's available, which  
> indicate that software runs on a Mac, but there are no logos that  
> indicate that software runs on Mac OS X, e.g. in addition to Mac OS  
> 9, Linux, Darwin or even Windows (all these operating systems run  
> or ran on a Mac). Does anyone know where to find a good, high- 
> resolution Mac OS X logo?
> Best regards,
> Mark
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> Best regards,
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