How to manage german mutated vowel in SQLite

Reinhold Venzl-Schubert r.venzl-schubert at
Thu Nov 20 08:26:48 EST 2008


I found the solution myself!

SQLite interprets the " ' " in  '{\rtf \mac *CR*\'8A\'9A\'9F} as the  
end of a value.
Therefore the instruction is to long.

I replaced all " ' " witn " ' ' " and then it works well.
SQLite seems to cut of the second " ' " itself, because in the  
database I find only on " ' "

Allthough this group had been a great help for me.
To word it in english forced me to think more exactly about my problem.


> In my program I use a SQLite database, to store sentences in german
> language.
> I can store sentences as rtf-text with mutated vowels and can get them
> back from SQLite, everything works well.
> But now I want to export some records and reimport them later.
> This is my export-script:
> put "SELECT * FROM Text_table" into tSQL
> put revdb_querylist(,,gConID,tSQL) into Text_data
> Text_data:
> 1	Text_table	{\rtf\mac *CR*}	{\rtf\mac *CR*aou}	{\rtf\mac *CR*\'8A\'9A
> \'9F}	
> For my import-script I changed the TABs in Text-data like this:
> put "INSERT INTO Text_table VALUES (null, '{\rtf\mac *CR*}', '{\rtf
> \mac *CR*\'8A\'9A\'9F}')" into tSQL
> put revdb_execute(gConID,tSQL) into tTmp
> When there is a german mutated vowel in the value SQLite refuses to
> create a new record.
> What can I do?

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