Standalone error

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Nov 12 17:52:55 EST 2008

Hi David,

You'd better delete the cRevStandalone custom property set from your  
stack. Turn on View UI Elements in Lists in the View menu. This  
reveals the property set in the property inspector and allows you to  
delete it. Now you can set all standalone settings again and will  
probably be able to build a standalone without problems.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 12 nov 2008, at 23:42, David Mendriski wrote:

> I recently foolishly changed the selection for the "Application  
> Icon" and the "Document Icon" in the Standalone setup menu.  Since  
> doing so, I receive a "There was an error while saving the  
> standalone application" message.  I cannot remember what the  
> settings were before making this change.  I have tried selecting "no  
> icon" as well.  My program saved a standalone version perfectly  
> before I tampered with that setting.  Can anyone help me figure out  
> how to set the original default to RunRev's big R icon, if that is  
> the problem?  The only change I made to the program before saving  
> was to add one small simple handler which for the first time uses  
> the "set traversalOn" command.  I am trying to save standalones for  
> both Mac OSx and for Windows. Could that be the problem?  Please  
> advise.

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