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Mon Mar 31 12:46:12 EDT 2008

David Bovill wrote:
> Recently had the following problem processing lists from ftp directories -
> fetching and displaying the directories in a list field was fine but when I
> tried to use the list field to obtain an ftp url the script failed - the
> debugging was a nightmare as the ftp url looked correct and manually
> entering the url worked fine. The problem? numToChar(13) returned from the
> ftp url. So I now use this script to fetch the directory listing:
> function ftp_FolderContents ftpDirectory
>>     libURLSetFTPListCommand "NLST"
>>     get word 1 to -1 of url ftpDirectory
>>     replace numToChar(13) with empty in it
>>     return it
>> end ftp_FolderContents
> Rev uses numToChar(10) for line endings (showing its Unix origins), but if
> written to a file on a Mac, using URL "file:", they're translated to
> numToChar(13). if using URL "binfile:", no translation happens, so
> numToChar(10) is preserved. I thought the act of putting text into a field
> cleaned' up the line endings to standard Rev numToChar(10) = CR's - but
> seems not? I am also not quite sure hwat to expect from different ftp
> platforms - it seems NLST is CRLF seperated - but my server is Unix not a
> PC?
> I am wandering if there is any tutorial out there that goes into these
> issues in any depth - they also come up when using certain command line
> tools, and reading and writing data in CGIs.


FWIW here's what I do with incoming text whose line ending delimiters
are not known, but which are assumed to be some combination of LF and/or CR.

replace crlf with lf in tText
# if line-endings were LF or CRLF they are now LF
replace numtochar(13) with lf in tText
# if line-endings were CR (ascii 13) they are now LF

This results in LF line-delimiters in tText, regardless of the original
format, which you don't need to know. On modestly sized texts RR is
easily fast enough for this to be practical.


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