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Mon Mar 31 12:35:56 EDT 2008

Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
> You paint a pretty bleak picture to the aspiring "programmer/coder/ 
> scripter". Are we already too far gone to espouse the establishment of  
> some kind of standard? 

Tell that to the OS vendors. ;)

I think Rev does a fair job of providing an even mix of ease of use with 

If you want line endings converted, either open the file as text or use 
"file" in a URL (e.g. "file:myfile.txt").  This will cause Rev to 
automatically convert the different line endings used by Windows and Mac 
to the Unix convention it uses internally.

If you want to preserve the exact format as it is on disk, then open the 
file as binary or use "binfile" in a URL (e.g., "binfile:myfile.txt").

You can have it both ways, and usually in one line.

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