Keeping a clean XP machine

Steven Axtell saxtell at
Sat Mar 29 10:40:06 EDT 2008


I have been using Windows for several years now (was a Mac user in the 
past-work pulled me to Windows)-have recenlty bought a Mac mini to test the 
Mac side of my programs.  I use the latest Norton Internet Security software 
(I don't see any bogging down of the system that others have mentioned about 
earlier Norton Internet Security software).  In addition to that, I 
occasionally run a-squared Free and Spyware Terminator (the free program in 
this group of programs) to catch things that Norton might has missed.  Per 
the Maximum PC magazine, no one virus/spyware software is going to catch 
everything.  Also, I use CCleaner (per Maximum PC) to clean up unneccessary 
files that accumulate (although it doesn't look specifically for 
viruses/spyware, it does help keep the computer running fast).  Doing this, 
I have had no problems.

Steve Axtell 

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