Which versions can I get rid of (safely)?

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Fri Mar 28 07:53:34 EDT 2008

Hi Len,

Just trash the folders (2.7.0-gm1, 2.7.1-gm1, etc.) you want no  
longer to keep in your applications folder.

Le 28 mars 08 à 12:48, Len Morgan a écrit :
> In my search for the "missing" documentation (which I found by the  
> way), I noticed I had a folder for each version I've ever had from  
> the 2.7 series and up.  2.7.0-gm1, 2.7.1-gm1, ...2.8.1-gm3 etc.   
> Which of these folders can I delete without messing up my  
> installation?  I only need to support 2.8.1-gm3 right now (and 2.9  
> betas go in the Enterprise folder for now).  Can I just delete the  
> folders or do I have to do some sort of uninstall on each one to  
> properly clean up?
> I have always saved my stacks in other places so there's nothing I  
> know of in any of the other folders that I need to keep.
> Thanks!
> len morgan

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