Disappearing Documentation

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Fri Mar 28 07:34:41 EDT 2008

Hi Len,

> I've had a problem for a while that I could live with but now I  
> NEED to fix.  When I use either the Documentation Icon or the Help- 
> >Documentation menu, I get the documentation window to come up.   
> When I try and go to the user's guide, it seems to be  
> "active" (i.e., the icon changes a little) but never loads.  It  
> used to work fine (been a while since I consulted the user's  
> guide).  I had some issues on my machine with opening PDF files  
> around the time that this all started.
> Can someone tell me where the user's guide PDF file is supposed to  
> be?  I looked in My Revolution Studio, the install directory for  
> Rev, etc but can't seem to find it any where.  If I could just find  
> the file, I'd open it outside of Rev.
> For what it's worth, it's 2.8.1 latest on WinXP.  I can't install  
> 2.9 just yet since I have to deliver an app to a customer today and  
> I don't want to introduce a new engine on them (and I use  
> StackRunner which hasn't been recompiled for 2.9 yet).

You should find it here:
Rev 2.xxx/Documentation/pdf/user_guide/all.pdf

> Thanks!
> len morgan


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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