Visual effect issue with a tab panel button

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Tue Mar 25 15:54:25 EDT 2008

Bonjour André,

Sorry, I missed the point in my previous email.

It's a good habit to begin parameters or arguments with 'p': easier  
to understand when reading again any handler.
't' prefix meaning a local variable, 'g' a global, etc.: see Richard  
Gaskin article about notations.
I think that the following should work:

on menuPick pNew
   if there is a cd pNew then
     lock screen
     go cd pNew
     unlock screen with visual effect scroll up fast
   end if
end menuPick

Le 25 mars 08 à 20:45, Andre.Bisseret a écrit :
> Le 25 mars 08 à 19:29, J. Landman Gay a écrit :
>> Andre.Bisseret wrote:
>>> but I just tried
>>> go to cd new with visual effect scroll up fast
>>> Does not work
>> "New" is a reserved word. Does it work if you change the variable  
>> to "tNew"?
> Hello Jacque,
> I found  the script I am using up to now, in the Scripting  
> conference on "Controls" by Klaus Major :
> ------------
> ON menuPick new
>     IF there is a cd new THEN go card new
> END menuPick
> -----------
> It works very well either with "new" or with "tNew"
> But in the two cases, I am not able to  add a visual effect :-((
> Except in one case,  with the following script :
> ----
> -ON menuPick tNew --(or new as well)
> lock screen
>      IF there is a cd tNew THEN go cd tNew
>      visual effect scroll up fast
>      unlock screen
> END menuPick
> -----
> With this script I am getting the expected visual effect, but, ...  
> in the window of GLX2, not in my stack ! incredible :-)))

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