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Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Tue Mar 25 11:16:52 EDT 2008

Dave Cragg wrote:-

"And by the by, how far does this purity extend?"

[am reading "The American Language" by H. L. Mencken
at the moment; lovely book! ]

about as far as my racial purity ( 75% Scot = mixed
Gaelic and Viking, 25% English - mixed Saxon, Angle
and Viking - married to a Bulgarian who has Albanian,
Macedonian and Bulgarian blood, at least) . . .  :)

However, the standard of the English on the WINDEV
website is bad; and by bad I mean it is not up to the
usual standard of Indian English.

Love, Richmond


A Thorn in the flesh is better than a failed Systems Development Life Cycle.

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