a weird crash - any suggestions?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Sun Mar 23 05:52:05 EDT 2008

Hi Peter,

Which operating system are you using, which version(s) of Revolution,  
and what is the exact script of button A?

Best regards,

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On 23 mrt 2008, at 08:47, Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> Can anyone shed any light on a weird crash?
> There is a card with around 30 fields on it.  You can get to it two  
> ways,
> Method A is to update the fields.  In this case the script for the  
> button
> goes to the card and updates the fields from a text file.
> Or, because this updating takes a while, Method B is you can simply  
> go to the
> card from a different button without updating it.
> When you do this in the ide everything works fine. Method A  
> everything works
> fine.  Method B, when you do it having started either with a splash  
> stack or
> with stackrunner, the fields are all grey except for one which has  
> turned
> blue.  I cannot figure out where this is coming from, since they are  
> set in
> properties to be white, they show white in the ide, and they show  
> white when
> development tools are suspended.  The script is simply go to card.
> In addition, I have a print button for this card once you get to  
> it.  Its
> script is identical to a button on another card:
> 	on mouseUp
> 	set the printerName to (line 1 of the availablePrinters)
> 	set the printPaperOrientation to "landscape"
> 	print card "reports" into 100,100,800,600
> 	end mouseUp
> On the other card it works just fine and out comes the card.  On  
> this card,
> when the colors are all peculiar, it produces an instant crash.  But  
> if you
> go to the card from the update button, the fields are normal, and  
> the print
> button works fine.   The splash stack was saved as standalone in  
> dp-5 by the
> way, if that makes any difference.
> Probably something obvious, but what?  Its not the print script  
> clearly.  It
> is some combination of the print script and the card properties.   
> But what?
> And why does running the update work but just going to it not work?
> Peter

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