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Hi guys,

> This year I will be trying something different and will focus on
> issues involved with building database applications in Revolution. I
> will be talking about issues my company has had to tackle while
> working on our own products. I feel this will be much more interesting
> and instructive. There will also be code kitchens this year so we can
> help folks with their specific needs during those.
> That being said, I don't think I will be covering the query builder. I
> have never found a use for it when buildling apps myself so I don't
> have any experience with it. There is a "Lightning-fast Database
> Processing" on the schedule right now. Perhaps it will be covered there.

If you want consider Valentina, I will suggest try to touch such features as

** Valentina Studio **

  * Query Builder - we have implement in Valentina very powerful Query
Builder that allow you design graphically SQL query then test it against
your db.

    Currently Valentina Query Builder is analog of MS SQL
    Enterprise Manager, but additional it supports some unique
    Valentina feature.

    Future we will improve it to support query types, which even MS SQL
    do not support, e.g. OUTER JOINS, UNIONS, ...

** Valentina Engine Features **

  * Usage of SQL Binding
        "SELECT ... FROM T WHERE fld = :1"

        this feature may give speed up for apps up to 20 times
        because when you use it you get FIXED form of SQL query,
        so Valentina engine is able to reuse it many times from
        the pool of queries. As result no need parse it each time.

  * Stored Procedures
        feature useful for many cases. For example

    a) it can a lots speed up in client/server mode

    b) you move more logic inside of DB, so if you develop application
        in Revolution AND e.g. PHP or REALbasic or NET  you get
        huge benefit having code inside of db, then having it 2 or more
        times in each programming language.

Best regards,

Ruslan Zasukhin
VP Engineering and New Technology
Paradigma Software, Inc

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