Revolution Live conference: Trevor DeVore

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Sat Mar 22 12:18:55 EDT 2008

I can't speak for them but I would expect a la carte ordering on a 
DVD package wouldn't be cost effective on either side, for you or 
them. The costs of putting on this event are huge, and that has to be 
factored into the content side, not just the duplication costs. Add 
to that the costs of making a special order version and......


>I hope that there is a DVD for just Trevor's event (as well as separate one
>for other stuff) that includes CD of learning stacks for what he presents. I
>remember that there was DVD's last time that I didn't buy because of price
>but I think something specific like this would be worth some money.


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