Revolution Live conference: Trevor DeVore

Petrides, M.D. Marian mpetrides at
Sat Mar 22 12:08:52 EDT 2008


Here's the description in the ad.  Looks like the price will be $249  
and that the DVD will include stacks.  I was counting on the DVD when  
I had to schedule a return flight at noon on Sat. :-(  Alas, there's  
no mention of separate lectures being available.



When you sign up now, attend the "pre-conference" training day for the  
low cost of only $250, PLUS get a DVD of the entire three-day  
conference, a $249 value, mailed to you as soon as it's ready  
absolutely FREE! Not only that, you'll receive a free copy of  
Revolution Media, a $49 value, just for attending.

Participants in the full conference receive the DVD and a copy of  
Revolution Studio, a $649 value in total.

The DVD offer and Early Bird discount expires on March 31, though. So  
act soon! After that the DVD costs $249.

Valuable "conference in a box"
The DVD includes all the conference sessions, with any stacks and  
examples the presenters have used, full session notes, video of the  
sessions, and will be the perfect refresher aid for you to use when  
the conference is over. Get the experience in person without having to  
worry about taking notes of everything that happens. Save time and  
money by attending just the first day, but getting the benefit of the  
full conference.

On Mar 22, 2008, at 11:00 AM, william humphrey wrote:

> I hope that there is a DVD for just Trevor's event (as well as  
> separate one
> for other stuff) that includes CD of learning stacks for what he  
> presents. I
> remember that there was DVD's last time that I didn't buy because of  
> price
> but I think something specific like this would be worth some money.

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