What's new in Rev 2.9

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Thu Mar 20 15:33:27 EDT 2008

Hi all,

Le 20 mars 08 à 15:24, Eric Chatonet a écrit :

> After what said Scott about finding new or enhanced features, I  
> realized it was not so easy:
> There are actually 39 new entries in the dictionary and 19 have  
> been changed since 2.8: kudos to the dev team :-)
> So I have enhanced the Rev Search Engine to display all introduced  
> or changed entries in the current version by adding a new menu  
> item: "What's new in <current version number>".
> This feature should be available in the next 2.9 release.

Next 2.9 release (rc2) is available yet since a few minutes, at least  
for Enterprise users.
Last Rev Search Engine is included.
For those who have any 2.9 but have not rc2 yet, here are all entries  
in the dictionary that have been introduced or changed in 2.9 since 2.8:

allowableDragActions property
alternateLanguages function
answer page setup command
answer printer command
availablePrinters property
beepSound property
binaryEncode function
cancel printing command
clipboardData property
create alias command
do command
dragData property
dragDelta property
dragImage property
dragImageOffset property
dragStart message
ends with operator
fullscreen property
is a operator
is among the keys of operator
is not among the keys of operator
launch url command
paste command
printCollate property
printColors property
printCopies property
printDuplex property
printerFeatures property
printerName property
printerOutput property
printerSettings property
printPageNumber property
printPaperOrientation property
printPaperRectangle property
printPaperScale property
printPaperSize property
printRanges property
printRectangle property
printTitle property
queryRecordChanged message
reset printing command
revCopyXMLNode command
revDatabaseColumnNames function
revDatabaseColumnNumbered function
revDataFromQuery function
revExecuteSQL command
revGetDatabaseDriverPath function
revMoveXMLNode command
revOpenDatabase function
revPutIntoXMLNode command
revQueryIsAtEnd function
revQueryIsAtStart function
revXMLChildContents function
revXMLMatchingNode function
specialFolderPath function
systemPrintSelector property
unicodeTitle property
wrap operator

For all who have rc2, there is a new menu item in the Rev Search  
Engine (access it by clicking last tab in the docs):
Then in the contextual menu on the first tab of the Rev Search Engine  
choose "What's new in 2.9" to display all complete entries listed above.

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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Email: eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com/

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