What's new in Rev 2.9 (was Re: New Drag-and-Drop?)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Mar 20 12:04:39 EDT 2008

Eric Chatonet wrote:
> When you know well Rev vocabulary yet, detecting new entries is easy  
> but what about those that have been only changed?
> And what about all those who don't know by heart the 1605 words used  
> by Rev syntax?

Many tokens are understandable as discrete things, so an example handler 
showing its use in the Dictionary is often sufficient.

When Ken Ray, Christopher Watson and myself wrote the SuperCard 2.5 
Language Guide, one of our mandates was to copy Jeanne DeVoto's style 
used in HyperTalk 2.2: The Book, providing complete end-to-end examples 
for each token.   For many of them, that's a fair starting point for 

But there are some tokens which are dependent on others, sometimes many 
others, like RevBrowser, Zip handling, U3, and now Drag and Drop. These 
tokens can't be used in isolation, and require that they be used in a 
specific sequence with other tokens to be used at all.

For RevBowser, U3, and a good many more, RunRev has thoughtfully 
provided some very helpful example stacks in the Resources folder 
installed with the app (though they might be more readily found if the 
Examples folder were moved from its current location buried in the 
cryptic "Resources" into the main app folder itself).

RunRev's done a great job with the examples provided so far.  Adding one 
for Drag and Drop would go a long way to helping folks make good use of 
Rev's empowering support for this common interaction model.

Has anyone here submitted a request for this at the RQQC?

> After what said Scott about finding new or enhanced features, I  
> realized it was not so easy:
> There are actually 39 new entries in the dictionary and 19 have been  
> changed since 2.8: kudos to the dev team :-)
> So I have enhanced my Rev Search Engine to display all introduced or  
> changes entries in the current version by adding a new menu item:  
> "What's new in <current version number>".
> This feature should be available in the next 2.9 release.

Good work - thanks!  That's a very useful tool you've made.

If only some kind Parisian might be motivated to make a tutorial series 
offering examples of common tasks....

...oh wait, you've done that too. :)

Care to add one for D&D?  It would be quite popular.

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