What's new in Rev 2.9 (was Re: New Drag-and-Drop?)

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Thu Mar 20 10:24:49 EDT 2008

Hi Richard,

Le 20 mars 08 à 15:05, Richard Gaskin a écrit :
> Eric Chatonet wrote:
>> Search for 'drag' in 2.9 dictionary and you'll find new entries  
>> for  allowableDragActions, dragAction, dragImage,  
>> dragImageOffset,  dragDelta and dragData enhanced.
> For most new features a quick stroll through the Dictionary would  
> be sufficient.

When you know well Rev vocabulary yet, detecting new entries is easy  
but what about those that have been only changed?
And what about all those who don't know by heart the 1605 words used  
by Rev syntax?

After what said Scott about finding new or enhanced features, I  
realized it was not so easy:
There are actually 39 new entries in the dictionary and 19 have been  
changed since 2.8: kudos to the dev team :-)
So I have enhanced my Rev Search Engine to display all introduced or  
changes entries in the current version by adding a new menu item:  
"What's new in <current version number>".
This feature should be available in the next 2.9 release.

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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