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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Mar 19 16:42:32 EDT 2008

-= JB =- wrote:
> I mentioned in previous email that my message box was
> retaining a line of text.
> Jaque mentioned to delete the preference file and Eric
> provided code to clear the message in the preference
> file.  After clearing it quits & when I restart the Rev the
> msg box text line is empty.
> Now I am using Rev 2.9.0-rc-1 and once again I am
> having problems with the msg box retaining text.  But
> now it is whatever line I last used in the msg box will
> always be there even after quitting and restarting Rev.
> I am thinking this is not normal and when I start Rev it
> should have an empty message box.

I usually start Rev up once and leave it running for days or weeks at a 
time, so to be honest I have never noticed this. But to test, I just 
quit and restarted Rev, and I am seeing the same behavior (which makes 
me a little embarrassed that I led you through all that deletion stuff.)

Testing again with 2.8.1, I see that it does open with an empty message, 
but if you hit the up arrow, your previous message history is available 
just as it is in 2.9. Perhaps the only bug is that the message box is no 
longer adding a blank line to the history before it opens.

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