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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Mar 19 11:23:25 EDT 2008

viktoras didziulis wrote:

> me too like rOOP, but I feel it is a little incomplete, just one more 
> step. The ones that you call real objects are limited to user interface 
> controls only. The thing I was curious about is a possibility to create 
> an independent data object which is nor control neither a gui element. 
> Which in this case may simply mean enhanced arrays...

I believe Mark Waddingham has hinted in the past that adding OOP 
extensions to Rev would be an interesting thing to do.  Even going back 
to when Scott Raney owned the engine, there were some ideas along these 
lines floating around -- see the bottom of this page:

Of course at this point there's no telling when such things may make it 
into the engine or what form they'll take, but at least it's encouraging 
  that the notion appears to have the owners' interest.

In the meantime, I've been getting by well enough adopting some of the 
philosophy behind the original Mac OS API to my work.  Long before OOP 
became the standard, the Mac API was centered around "Managers", with 
discrete components interoperating with others through minimal and 
well-defined connections.

Much of that architectural style lends itself well to working with Rev, 
allowing us to get some of the benefits of OOP today without needing to 
wait for anything from RunRev.

And down the road if/when they add OOP extensions to the language, so 
much the better.

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