Beware! GTX2 can cause problems

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Mon Mar 17 10:28:39 EDT 2008

On Mar 17, 2008, at 5:35 AM, Dave wrote:

> Ran into this and it caused me no end of grief, I'm using two  
> versions of RunRev, and the 2.9 Beta. I also use GTX2 and  
> this is where the confusion came in. If you edit a script in one  
> version of RunRev/GTX2, then open the Script in the version of  
> RunRev/GTX2, the changes don't appear! I think that GTX2 must be  
> caching the Script Source code somewhere that is Private to the  
> Version of RunRev you are currently using?

In addition to Sarah and Jerry's comments I would also add that GLX2  
stores the script you are working on (hasn't been compiled yet) in the  
object itself. So the script you are working on follows that object  
around. So opening the script of the object in another version of Rev  
running GLX2 should still show the script in progress (done this  
plenty of times myself).

Opening the script in the Rev script editor will NOT show the working  
script, however, since Rev doesn't know about GLX2 custom properties.

So if you aren't seeing changes as you move between two versions of  
Rev that are both using GLX2 then my guess is that you have the stack  
open in both versions at the same time and aren't reloading the stack  
into memory. If a stack file has been loaded in memory and you change  
the stack file on disk the changes on disk will not show up in the  
stack in memory until it is reloaded. Is it possible that this is what  
is happening on your end?


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