Is a RevCon a 'Guru only' event?

Andre Garzia andre at
Mon Mar 17 10:24:59 EDT 2008

Ciao Sims,

And I considered you the one that was enthusiastic and positive that
inspired me to reach higher levels! I still remember you talking:
"life is good" whenever I had a code problem and was going crazy! :D

(talk over my head... I almost understand this... :-D)

Life Is Good

> My partner Cloe was most impressed and delighted to observe that the
> so-called
> 'Gurus' of the Rev community were so approachable, confident, and just
> plain
> regular folks. Not one was the stereotypical 'geek' who has problems
> conversing
> with people or talks over everyone's head just to impress. Andre might
> talk over
> my head sometimes but the guy is so infectiously enthusiastic and
> positive that he inspires
> one to reach for that next level of skill. With the help of this List,
> the people at Rev, and your
> RevCon experience you'll be able to reach higher personal levels of
> achievement.
-- All We Do Is Code.

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