ANN: IP to Country

Mark Smith mark at
Mon Mar 17 07:27:11 EDT 2008

Dom, I think I'm right in saying that Media does not support the zip  
library, and I hadn't considered that when I made the stack.
The ip-to-country db fle it downloads is zipped, so I used the zip  
lib to deal with that. It probably isn't much work to change it for  
Media - I'll have a look and see if I can do it today.



On 17 Mar 2008, at 08:23, Dom wrote:

> Mark Smith <mark at> wrote:
>> I've made a little stack (IPtoCountry) for any internet sleuths who
>> want to know what country an ip address comes from.
>> It's at:
>> It downloads a db file from the ip-to-country web host.
> Hmmm... I got this:
> Type    Handler: can't find handler
> Object  IPtoCountry
> Line    revZipOpenArchive tFile, "read"
> Hint    revZipOpenArchive
> (using Revolution Media 274)
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