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Mon Mar 17 05:49:50 EDT 2008

Hi JB,

I think you could do the following to solve your problem:
Create a new stack with a button:

on mouseUp
   set the cREVSingleLineHistory of stack "revPreferences" to empty
   send "revInitialise" to fld "Message Field" of cd "Single Line" of  
stack "Message Box"
   save stack "Message Box"
end mouseUp

Of course take care that the msg box is empty when running this code.
At Rev relaunch, the msg box should appear clean and history will be  

Le 17 mars 08 à 06:56, J. Landman Gay a écrit :

> -= JB =- wrote:
>> If you mean the property inspector that can be accessed by  
>> clicking the inspector
>> icon in the top left corner I did that and cannot figure out how  
>> to inspect the msg
>> box or its field etc.
> There are a couple of ways, but try holding down command-control- 
> shift and clicking on the field in the message box. You should get  
> a contextual menu that allows you to inspect the field, which is  
> named "message field".
>> I reinstalled Rev and the problem remains.  I do have an older  
>> version of Rev that
>> is also in my main Rev folder but this was never a problem before.
>> The only thing I deleted before reinstalling Rev was the version  
>> of Rev the installer
>> placed in my Rev folder that I am using and is giving me the problem.
> I'm not exactly sure where Rev stores the message history. If it  
> isn't in those properties, you might try deleting your preferences  
> stack. That's in:
> ~/Library/Preferences/Runtime Revolution/Revolution <edition>/ 
> revpreferences.rev
> Keep a copy, so if that isn't the problem you can put the old one  
> back.
>> I do not know how I saved this message (although I have used the  
>> message) and I have no idea where it is being saved too.
> Me either, but try the above and keep us posted.
> -- 
> Jacqueline Landman Gay         |     jacque at

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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