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Mon Mar 17 06:59:36 EDT 2008

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the code.  I have already solved the problem
by deleting the preference file but this is certainly code
I will be saving for future needs.


On Mar 17, 2008, at 2:49 AM, Eric Chatonet wrote:

> Hi JB,
> I think you could do the following to solve your problem:
> Create a new stack with a button:
> on mouseUp
>   set the cREVSingleLineHistory of stack "revPreferences" to empty
>   send "revInitialise" to fld "Message Field" of cd "Single Line"  
> of stack "Message Box"
>   save stack "Message Box"
>   quit
> end mouseUp
> Of course take care that the msg box is empty when running this code.
> At Rev relaunch, the msg box should appear clean and history will  
> be cleared.
> Le 17 mars 08 à 06:56, J. Landman Gay a écrit :
>> -= JB =- wrote:
>>> If you mean the property inspector that can be accessed by  
>>> clicking the inspector
>>> icon in the top left corner I did that and cannot figure out how  
>>> to inspect the msg
>>> box or its field etc.
>> There are a couple of ways, but try holding down command-control- 
>> shift and clicking on the field in the message box. You should get  
>> a contextual menu that allows you to inspect the field, which is  
>> named "message field".
>>> I reinstalled Rev and the problem remains.  I do have an older  
>>> version of Rev that
>>> is also in my main Rev folder but this was never a problem before.
>>> The only thing I deleted before reinstalling Rev was the version  
>>> of Rev the installer
>>> placed in my Rev folder that I am using and is giving me the  
>>> problem.
>> I'm not exactly sure where Rev stores the message history. If it  
>> isn't in those properties, you might try deleting your preferences  
>> stack. That's in:
>> ~/Library/Preferences/Runtime Revolution/Revolution <edition>/ 
>> revpreferences.rev
>> Keep a copy, so if that isn't the problem you can put the old one  
>> back.
>>> I do not know how I saved this message (although I have used the  
>>> message) and I have no idea where it is being saved too.
>> Me either, but try the above and keep us posted.
>> -- 
>> Jacqueline Landman Gay         |     jacque at
> Best regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet.
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