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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Mar 16 13:17:02 EDT 2008

-= JB =- wrote:
> I don't know how to save the message box to disk.  I have emptied the
> message box and save d the stack but this does not change anything.
> The next time I open the message box that message has been put in
> it ready to be executed.

To be honest, I'm not sure how it may have happened, but since the issue 
isn't showing up in other people's installations it seems likely it is 
something specific to your copy. It may be that you issued a "save this 
stack" command and the message box was the accidental target.
> And if I open Rev without any stacks open and no stacks previously
> open then show the message box that statement is already there.

Right, the command has been saved somehow as part of the field content, 
so you are seeing it whenever the message box is displayed for the first 

>  I
> cannot get that statement to quit showing in the message box.  There
> is a good chance I am doing something really stupid but I am not able
> to figure out what it is and how to correct it.
> What could I have done to save a message to the message box and
> it will be there when Rev starts and no stack is open.  If I can figure it
> out then I can do the same without a message in the message box.

I'm a little fuzzy on this part, but if you use the property inspector 
to look at the message field, you'll see a cRevMessageHistory property. 
There is also a custom property set with a similar name. See if the line 
of text appears anywhere in those properties and if so, delete it. Then 
do "save stack 'Message box'" and see if that helps.

I'm not sure, but you may have to create a button in a stack to issue 
the "save" command, because if you save the message box with the save 
command in it, you may start seeing that line instead of the old one.

Or maybe an even simpler fix would be to just reinstall Rev.

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