text speeds are good

Troy Rollins troy_lists at rpsystems.net
Sun Mar 16 12:27:04 EDT 2008

On Mar 16, 2008, at 12:18 PM, Colin Holgate wrote:

> So, although Rev isn't anywhere near as fast as AS3 at handling text  
> strings, it is significantly faster than AS2, and a lot faster than  
> Director running under Rosetta. I realized I had a way to test it  
> not under Rosetta (can't tell you how, I'd have to kill you!), and  
> the 300,000 loop as Lingo came out at 436 milliseconds, making Rev  
> almost twice the speed of Director 11, when it comes out.


Rev is quite string optimized... even to the point of being "string  

I'm even more surprised by AS3's raw string speed.

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