Multiple Stacks Active at Same Time

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Mar 16 11:02:30 EDT 2008

Steven Axtell wrote:

 > Is it possible to make two or more stacks active at the same time?
 > I am building an app in which "pressing" certain buttons in the main
 > stack causes a substack to open.   With the substack active, further
 > "pressing" of similar buttons in the mainstack causes the mainstack
 > to quickly become active and then inactive.  Likewise, the substack
 > quickly becomes inactive and then active.  It is slightly annoying
 > when that happens (window border/title bar quickly going from active
 > to inactive or vice versa).

Have you considered moving all of the content from these windows into a 
single window, hiding and showing groups rather than closing and opening 

This would resolve the window hilite issue, and may lend itself to a 
very contemporary look.  iMovie and a great many other apps have 
migrated from what had traditionally been multi-window layouts to single 
windows with multiple panes.

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